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We welcome New, past and present Practitioners of Fu Jow Pai.

Our Purpose is to unite Tiger Claw Practitioners and school owners world wide.

Our Mission is to preserve and promote Fu Jow Pai Tiger Claw System of Kung fu.

Our Goal is the bridge the generational gap and unify all members while

Ensuring the legacy set forth by Grandmaster Wai Hong!


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Hand Strength in Fu Jow Pai
Hand Strength in Fu-Jow Pai By Sifu Julian K. Duran Hand strength is measured in two fundamental ways: grip strength and resistance to impact. What is meant by grip strength...
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Flexibility and Fu-Jow Pai
The cornerstone of all martial arts is conditioning. Martial artists condition to be strong and flexible. Flexibility is vitally important for ease of movement and to prevent injury. Chinese kung...
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Brief History
What is now known as Fu Jow Pai (Tiger Claw Sect) was originally named Hark Fu Moon (Cantonese) or the Black Tiger System. Then it was known for a time as the Tiger Claw Sect of the Hoy Hong Temple. This was to commemorate the...
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Fu Jow Pai World Wide,

In the Next Few Weeks We Will be adding Information Regarding Fu Jow Pai.

This will include our Federation, Alumni along with School locations Teaching the art and system of Wai Hongs Fu Jow Pai Tiger Claw Kung fu.